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“Everything was organized properly. After arriving in base camp and hav¬ing a very nice lunch, we went by helicopter to the fly camp and after setting up tents we fell asleep, very tired. The next morning we went up into the mountains, which were not very high (just about 1000 meters) but not easy to pass through, because of the big rocks and a lot of small cedar hushes. After three hours of walking and glassing we saw a herd of sheep, but there were no good rams, so we continued scouting. After two hours more we noticed two rams about five and ten years old. They were feeding at the lowest part of the hill and our position for a shot was perfect. It was 378 meters, but for my Sako TRG-42 that is a very easy shot. So, on the first day of hunting 1 took a rather nice 10-year-old ram.
After that we were going to hunt another snow sheep species, the Okhotsk, so we returned to base camp by boat to have a rest before the helicopter took us to the second part of our hunt. Sergei Rudakov of Kulu Safaris is one of the most important parts of my successful hunt. Sergei is the best operator I have ever seen. ”

/OVIS (Winter 2009), page 33/