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Scott Ackleson, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"Our outfitter and the guides were simply outstanding. I don't know how this hunt could be any better."

/OVIS # 15 (Fall 2002), page 51/

Roger Gregg, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"I just returned from my September 2001 snow sheep hunt with KULU Safaris in the Magadan region of Russia…. I am very happy with my ram. He measures 37 ½” on the long side and, with his tight curl, the horns go about 5” past full curl. Really a pretty ram…. Sergey Rudakov runs a good operation, has great people, great food in the base camp, and most importantly, wants you to get your trophies… and good ones."

/OVIS # 12 (Winter 2002), page 3-4/

I returned to hunt with Kulu Safaris again in August 2002. Sergey runs a great operation.. [He] gave me the same team of Sergey (not the owner) as the head guide and Peter, his assistant guide, that I had in 2001, and they worked just as hard as they did then.

His base camp is so nice that I convinced my wife to go with me. I didn't get to share much time with her, as I was in spike camps, but she said she had a great time in base camp and was really catered to.

 ..I highly recommend Kulu Safaris, and intend to do a bear hunt with them in the future."

/OVIS # 16 (Winter 2003), page 57/



George Kraft, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"I recently returned from a most interesting and successful hunt in eastern Siberia. My hunt for snow sheep with KULU Safaris was an extremely pleasant surprise in many respects. The Russian people are friendly, hospitable and interested in Americans visiting their country. … A hunting experience that will remain a positive memory for a lifetime."

/OVIS # 12 (Winter 2002), page 33-34/

Harry Brickley, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"I met Sergey & Irina Rudakov at the SCI Convention in Reno in 2000. I liked them and went hunting with them this past August. I flew from Indianapolis to Anchorage, then to Magadan via Magadan Airlines. The camps were excellent, as was the food prepared by Victoria, the wife of my guide, Nikolai. The highlight was taking a magnificent Siberian snow sheep with Nikolai, who was very helpful. I also took a nice brown bear and the char fishing was outstandin.

Sergey met me at customs and returned me through customs. KULU Safaris is a great outfit and I would love to return some day. I certainly recommend this hunt for everyone looking for a Siberian snow sheep. My sheep measured 40 ¾ inches."

/OVIS #10 (Summer 2001), page 3/

Wayne Knapp, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"I just completed my 14-day hunt with Sergey Rudakov. This hunt was donated and I was the successful bidder. Sergey is well-organized and employs a hard working staff. I was very delighted with all aspects of the trip except weather conditions. This made hunting most difficult but fortunately the last three days turned beautiful. 

All three rams I shot. All are mature; the youngest was 12, and the oldest was 15…. Again, my thanks to Sergey and his staff."

/OVIS, #11 ( Fall 2001), page 26, 28/

Donald Smith, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"I have never been on a better hunt. Sergey Rudakov is first class all the way… I would highly recommend KULU Safaris."

/OVIS #8 (Fall 2000) page 44, 46/

Dennis Campbell, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"I have found Sergey to be very professional, and he is quite knowledgeable and experienced."

/OVIS #7 (Summer 2000), page 67/

Stan Torres, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"I can’t say enough good things about KULU Safaris, the OUTFITTER WITH WHOM WE HUNTED. From the time we landed in Magadan till the time we departed, Sergey and Irina Rudakovs took excellent care of us every step of the way. Base camps and spike camps were comfortable and well stocked with supplies. The guides were friendly and knowledgeable. It was obvious for me that KULU works hard to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience and they work especially hard to try to get everyone a nice trophy. The icing on the cake for me was fishing for several varieties of salmon and trout after a   successful hunt. I definitely recommend this hunt to fellow OVIS members looking to add snow sheep to their collections."

/OVIS #8 (Fall 2000) page 44/

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