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What our clients write about us
Bruce Tatarchuk, USA: Print
Новости - Отзывы

"Excellent operation, very well run, very honest and forthcoming. I had a great time."

/Kulu Safaris Evaluation Form (September, 2005)/

Frank Blaha, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"After 40 years of hunts over most of the North America I believe your operation to be among the best I have ever enjoyed. I will heartily recommend your company to anyone and will likely return myself."

/Kulu Safaris Evaluation Form (September 3, 2004)/

Rick Taylor, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"Thank you for a great adventure. I will heartily recommend your services to all my friends. I was totally impressed."

/Kulu Safaris Evaluation Form (September 3, 2004)/

William Joseph Lasarso, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"This hunt was more than I expected. Service before, during & after were excellent. I had complete faith in services. I've been with a few outfitters. But Kulu is top of the line. Even small details were taken care of before time."

/Kulu Safaris Evaluation Form (May 28, 2004)

Douglas Gehring, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"The guides and staff were very friendly. I had a great time."

/Kulu Safaris Evaluation Form (May 14, 2004)/

Reza Golsorkhi, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"On September 30, 2002, I was fortunate to take two beautiful snow sheep, each measuring 38" with 13 1/3" bases. Both rams were 12 1/2 years old. Sergey runs an efficient organization, everything from the helicopter down to the sauna in the main camp. My guides were highly motivated and knowledgeable. Game was plentiful."

/OVIS # 18 (Summer 2003), page 9/

Gordon Rockefeller, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"We ... had a wonderful experience with Kulu Safaris. ..This was a marvelous wilderness experience that the whole Kulu Safaris crew should be proud of. It will leave us with lifetime memories. Thanks and congratulations to the whole crew for their hard work and dedication."

/OVIS # 17 (Spring 2003), page 29/

Gary Hansen, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"All considered, this trip was truly an experience of a lifetime, one that will remain etched in my mind the rest of my life. We were in, what I considered, virgin country: immense in size and pristine in its beauty. ..I would also like to extend my appreciation to Sergey and Irene Rudakov of Kulu Safaris and their staff for the way they took care of the five of us, and their excellent coordination of this expedition."

/OVIS # 16 (Winter 2003), page 47/  

Sam Richardson, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"Sure had a great time with those folks."

/OVIS # 16 (Winter 2003), page 21/

Gary Rigotti, USA Print
Новости - Отзывы

"The vast country, its beauty, wild landscape, and knowing that no modern hunter has hunted it, was a great and exciting feeling... Thanks again for giving me this great opportunity. Sheep forever!"

/OVIS # 15 (Fall 2002), page 51/

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