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We conduct our hunting tours for snow sheep and/or brown bear on the hunting territories we have leased for a 25-year term. This is our own operation, so when you book a hunt with us you deal directly with Sergey Rudakov the outfitter who is 100% responsible for your success, who is knowledgeable of his territories, who carries out reconnaissance of new, unexplored areas, who is interested in scientific research of the species hunted, who carefully picks up his personnel to work on a higher level.

Preparation for the tours starts well in advance of the beginning of the hunt: preliminary scouting is done in new areas, details of future hunts are discussed with the PH’s; then all the necessary gear, fuel, and supplies are brought to the camps, the staff get ready to receive dear guests. All our personnel – the outfitter, guides, interpreters, cooks, and workers – are a reliable crew and they will exert themselves to provide you an enjoyable hunting experience!

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