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“I hunted the Okhotsk snow sheep during September 2008 after I had taken a Kolyma snow sheep in one day of hunting. We actually had to spend the first four days of the Kolyma hunt in base camp because the weather would not allow us to move to the Seimkan Mts. for the Okhotsk snow sheep hunt. The rain stopped and we set up our fly camp. The helicopter pilots missed the proper drop-off point and we had landed in an absolutely new area. Our guides had never been here before and had no idea where the sheep could be, but before the first day ended we saw a herd of five males. All of them were too young for shooting, but it was a nice start. The next three days were very foggy, but we did not waste our time and were hunting from dawn till dusk. Then the clouds were blown out by the terrible wind. In seven hunting days we had checked every hill and had covered about 110 or 115 km, but all we saw were young rams or females. On the last day before changing hunting locations we found them. The youngest one was about 11 years old, but my trophy ram was a minimum of 16 and possibly even 17 years old with massive (like an argali) horns with broken and broomed ends. Sergey Rudakov and my guide Sergei Zuev told me that if the horns were not broken it could be very close to the world record. Anyway, I am happy. I am sure that such a nice trophy is a result of my stubbornness, stamina and of course, my 338 Lapua mag¬num shooting skills.”

/OVIS (Winter 2009), page 79/