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“I amsending my information and short account of my Kolyma snow sheep hunt with Kulu Safaris. I bought this trip from Clarence Dayhoff (MD), who had won it at the Sunday free hunt drawing at the 2007 GSCO convention. After contacting Irene Rudakov, we decided on the first two weeks of October. I was to meet Bob Hattaway (FL) and R/G/ Harris (NC) in Moscow, but my flight from New York with Aeroflot was a nightmare. I was not allowed to on the plane because I did not have my gun permit. I tried to explain to them that someone was waiting for me with it in Moscow, but they just didn’t want to hear it. They kept asking for a copy of it. It was 5 p.m., well past midnight in Moscow. I had to go back to Connecticut where I contacted Citi Travel on the West Coast to see what they could do. Jennifer at Citi Travel got on the phone and also sent four to five emails, and finally at 3:30 a.m. she called the hotel to let me know to go back to the airport the next day and that all copies would be there.
Originally my flight was booked from Moscow to Magadan but during the sum¬mer that got changed. Now we had to fly Moscow/Novisitsk/Magadan. -Because now I was a day late, there was no room on the flight the next day. So the agent for Aeroflot in New York rearranged my flight at no cost except a $40 tip.
Once I arrived, in Russia I had five to six hours in Moscow. Yuri picked me up, we had lunch and went to the other airport where he got me all checked in. He told me to leave $40 and two packs of cigarettes behind and my luggage and rifle case would be checked all the way to Magadan, so I would not have to worry once I got to Irkutsk. Surely no one speaks English there. I landed at 5 a.m. and got into the terminal (which looked more like a shed), and to my surprise there was Irene waiting for me. She was supposed to fly with Bob and R. G. to Magadan, but she was worried I would not know where to go to catch the next flight. She was right, because it was at another build¬ing a block away. It blew me away that she would do that. I don 't know anybody else who would have done that. You are in good hands with Sergey and Irene. There is no need to contact anybody else if you plan on hunting Kolyma and Yakutia snow sheep, as well as brown bear. They have good camps, good food and hot showers at base camp. They also have spacious cabins with a wood stove and they just built a new building for cooking and dining.
We spent six days in town, as we could not fly out to base camp due to weather. The ocean was too rough to get to spike camp, so we had to wait another day. We finally made it around noon the next day. We hunted that afternoon and saw two rams. We saw them again the next morning and took one that was 37" x 36 1/2". The next day we hunted for brown bear. Sergey told us we had to fly out in two days because a major front was com¬ing in with snow and cold weather. We had a short hunt but a great time and I will be going back for Yakutia snow sheep and possibly brown bear in the spring. ”

/OVIS (Winter 2009), page 95/