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Spring gear list (snowmachine hunt) Print

Expecting temperature:
At night and in the morning: to -15 °C below zero
In the day-time: to +10 °C above zero
High snow cover, highlands, bright and dazzling sunlights. It may be snowing and raining. It is highly probable snowstorm. Windflows may be to 25 m/s.

Clothes, footwear, other
1. Arctic parka (insulated and waterproof)
2. Suit with waterproof trousers for wearing in the camp or for transportation by snowmobile when it`s warm sunny weather.
3. 2-3 pairs of underwear.
4. A few pairs of cotton socks (4-5 pairs)
5. A warm sweater
6. Comfortable ankle-fit waterproof boots for transportation by snowmobile. Now it is popular winterized boots from foamed substance with warm inner sole
7. High waterproof boots in order to be able for hiking in the area of base camp (there is 3 metres of snowcover)
8. Slippers with a waterproof bottom for hiking in the area of base camp.
9. Two pairs of warm and less warm gloves – 2
10. Hat with a water-repellent top
11. A warm hat with visor
12. Knitted hat
13. Thin liner – 1-2
14. Shorts with fastened heating waterproof strap to backside.
15. Sleeping bag
16. Toilet accesories (2 towels, tooth-brush, toothpaste, shaving kit, ect.)
17. Medication (aspirin, diarrhea med, antibiotics, and whatever else you need (only with prescription). Make sure all drugs are in their original containers.
18. Books to read in bad weather
19. Skiglasses with UV-protection (preferably yellow and big size, to hide eyes from twigs, wind and snow)
20. 2 pairs of sunglasses
21. Sunburn cream.
22. Moisture cream.
23. Lipstick
24. Passport, hunters' card, rifle permit
25. Rifle and gun case (please, have your gun registered at the US Customs prior to the trip)
26. Ammunition (40 rounds recommended)
27. Binoculars (10x40) with case

Note: we provide cots, blankets, bed-clothes in the base camp. We do not provide sleeping bags, pads and laundry.You have an opportunity, upon your desire, not to bring along with you sleeping bags, matts, warm jackets footwear , but buy them here at "Safari-center" store (www.magadansafari.ru), located in the same building with our office. Also, upon your desire, you can place an order in advance.

Attention! It is prohibited to bring into Russia:


Any radios (walky-talky etc.)

Medications without prescriptions

Please don’t bring them.